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15kw Solar Inverter - CE-3P(12-20)KEG

  • High PV input current, up to 18A
  • Low PV start-up voltage, generate power earlier
  • Support bluetooth communication, easier to set and monitor inverter parameters
  • High converter efficiency
  • IP66 protection degree
  • 3 MPPTs, install more panels in different directions
  • ARC fault detection optional

CHISAGE - Your Trusted 15kw Solar Inverter Provider

CHISAGE expertly manufactures various solar inverter models with about 15kw capacity. We can customize them according to your specific needs. That includes their voltage range, sizes, installation locations, and unique features. Our tangible manufacturing team guarantees accurate details and low-cost customization service.

Moreover, we have an experienced R&D team that specializes in energy storage system production. Our company can manufacture about millions-sets of 15kw solar inverters and related products. And we successfully deliver them to our worldwide clients. You can also be one of those who benefit from our supply of high-efficient inverters.

Please send us your inquiries, and trust our process!

Suitable Applications

The the15kw inverters and systems are suitable for the following applications.

  • Outdoor development activities
  • Outdoor picnic activities
  • Family activities
  • Camping
  • Businesses
  • Home use
  • And more
15Kw Solar Inverter
15kw Solar Inverter
Power rating  15 kw
DC Input Power 19,500 watts (max.)  
Frequency 50/60Hz
Size 516mm x 455mm x 192mm
Nominal Output Power 15,000
Voltage 400
MPP Trackers 2
MPPT Range 200-850
Certification  CE, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, etc
Communication Interface wifi, GPRS, wire ethernet
Operational Altitude ≤4,000m

Generated Power of 15kw Solar System

A 15wk solar system can generate 60 kWh within 24 hours. They can produce electricity even in varied seasons. 

However, the generation may depend upon its area of location. Solar panels should install in a place where they can receive maximum sunlight.

A decade-installed solar system requires challenging and more setup spaces. However, advanced commercial technology has about 330 to 400W panels accessible. In such a situation, 37 to 45 panels are needed to install in about 75-90m2 space.

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