1kw Solar Inverter

1kw Solar Inverter

Our most economical solar inverter, the 1kw solar inverter, is loaded with all protection features, guaranteeing secured operation even in overload and over-temperature conditions. These sorts of solar inverters are multifunctional and versatile, as they combine the aspects of inverter functions, the solar charger, and the battery charger. It results in uninterrupted, reliable, efficient, and stable power support and provision. 

  • 1kw solar inverters are developed in compact
  • Durable, and modern designs
  • Allowing for easy-accessibility and user-configuration
CE-1P(0.6-1.5)KEG 0.6kW 0.7kW 0.8kW 1kW 1.5kW Single Phase on Grid Inverter

0.6kW 0.7kW 0.8kW 1kW 1.5kW Single Phase on Grid Inverter

CE-1P(600-1000)1G-220&230-US&EU 600W 800W 1000W 220V 230V Micro Inverter

600W 800W 1000W 220V 230V Micro Inverter

1kw Solar Inverter Standards Features

  • Input voltage range adjustment for home appliances and computers.
  • The charging current can be adjusted gradually to various levels.
  • Battery charger and inverter with multiple functions.
  • Auxiliary alternating current input for external generators/grids.
  • Protection against overload and short-circuit.
  • 100% pure sine wave power output.
  • Nonstop power supply.
1kw Solar Inverter Standards Features

CHISAGE - Trustworthy 1kw Solar Manufacturer in China

CHISAGE is specialized in 1kw solar inverter configuration and development. A range of our solar inverters are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories and distributed to respective countries and regions globally. We are committed to continuing what we have started, such as achieving and maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, sales, technical support, customer service, and support for a range of our innovative solar inverter products. 

We want our customers to learn about the possible benefits of installing 1kw solar inverters on their electrical projects, whether residential or commercial. 

Our unwavering experience, expertise, and perseverance have continuously dominated industries. CHISAGE takes pride to provide the best quality services and production of 1kw solar inverters to our customers. To achieve that, our professional manufacturing and engineering team offers bespoke customization designs for you. 

Take advantage of working with us! It is the best opportunity you can ever experience! 

Solar System Capacity 1kW
Solar Panel Quantity 335watt x 3 Nos.
Solar Inverter 1kW – On grid inverter
Accessories GI Solar structure, DC wire, MCB, MC4 connectors.
System warranty 25 years
Space required 10 square meter
Average generation 4 units per day

Common Applications

Transportation industry.

  • Beacon lights
  • Signal lights
  • High-altitude obstacle lights
  • And so on.

Fields of communication.

  • Solar unattended microwave relay station
  • Optical cable maintenance station
  • Power supply system for broadcasting and communication
  • Rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system
  • Tiny communication machine
  • And soldier GPS power supply.

– Automobiles and ships are examples of mobile equipment.

– Lighting, televisions, and tape recorders are used for civilian and civilian life in distant places without power. Such as plateaus, islands, pastoral areas, border checkpoints, and so on.

– Rooftop grid-connected electricity generation system for the home.

– Solar water pump for drinking and irrigation of deep water wells in places where electricity is unavailable.

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