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CHISAGE 20 KW Solar Inverter - CE-3P(12-20)KEG

  • High PV input current, up to 18A
  • Low PV start-up voltage, generate power earlier
  • Support bluetooth communication, easier to set and monitor inverter parameters
  • High converter efficiency
  • IP66 protection degree
  • 3 MPPTs, install more panels in different directions
  • ARC fault detection optional

Your Leading 20 kW Solar Inverter Manufacturer

CHISAGE 20 kW solar inverter is an important device for solar systems and is used to convert DC to AC energy. It is made with quality materials and components which ensures high durability and excellent functions. Want to have a lightweight, high-efficient, and easy-to-install solar inverter? CHISAGE is your reliable and perfect solution provider.

We are manufacturing experts in 20kW solar inverters with different models to offer. We have supplied the global market with competitive 20kw solar inverted solutions and had installed more than 1 mega-watt around the world.

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  • Up to 98.4%


  • The 20 Kw solar inverter comes with a DC surge arrester


  • Up to 1000V DC input


  • 24/7 reactive power
  • Innovative grid management functions
Rated Power 20 Kw
Input Voltage (VDC) 240 or 360
Input Current 83 or 55.5
Voltage Range (V) 216 to 340 or 324 to 480
Output Voltage (V) 220 or 380
Output Current 90 or 30
Phase Number Phase 1 Wirer 2 or Phase 3 Wire 4
Overload Capacity 150%
Working Temperature +5F~+122F

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CHISAGE takes great pride in offering our customers top-quality energy storage solutions that are both reliable and affordable.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect system for your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. Whether you're looking for a residential or commercial energy storage solution, we've got you covered.
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