• CE-1P(300-500)1G-220&230-US&EU 300W 500W 220V 230V American Standard Eurmicroinvert
  • CE-1P(300-500)1G-220&230-US&EU 300W 500W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter
  • CE-1P(300-500)1G-220&230-US&EU 300W 500W 220V 230V American Standard Eurmicroinvert
  • CE-1P(300-500)1G-220&230-US&EU 300W 500W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter

300w Solar Inverter - CE-1P(300-500)1G-220&230-US&EU

  • Rapid shutdown function
  • IP67 protection degree, 10 years warranty
  • PLC, Zigbee or Wifi communication
  • 1 MPPT tracker, module level monitoring

300w Solar Inverter

300w solar inverter converts 300W of clean energy from solar power to AC. It is designed for backup power, RVs, off-grid use, boats, cabins, and more. 300w solar inverter is also effective in small homes and commercial projects.

Chisage manufactures a 300w solar inverter from high-quality materials. Our inverter is highly durable and provides great functions. You can use our 300w solar inverter for any outdoor use and emergencies. It has great protection against hazardous environments.

For accurate maintenance and monitoring, our 300w solar inverter has LCDs. It shows the right amp hours, load draw, amps, temperature, etc. Rest assured, our 300w solar inverter comes at an affordable cost.

For budget-friendly 300w solar inverter ODM/OEM services, check Chisage now!

Why Choose Chisage For Your 300W Solar Inverter


Chisage has spent years developing and creating new ideas for a 300w solar inverter. We are equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop your ideal product.


We focus on manufacturing a 300w solar inverter that takes lead in today’s market. You can guarantee that our 300w solar inverter meets your customer’s demand.

Unique Patent
Unique Patent

Our company is composed of professional engineers that keep on developing the quality of our product. Chisage 300w solar inverter has advanced design patents.


Chisage supplies 300w solar inverters in domestic and international markets. Wherever you are, we can provide all your needs in this business.

300w Solar Inverter Key Advantages

Our 300w solar inverter has different advantages that are beneficial for your company or business. We are confident that our 300w solar inverter exceeds your expectations. It offers the following:


  • No noise cooling system
  • Longer service battery life
  • Dual DC/AC outlet
  • Operates up to 60 Degree Celsius
  • Durable copper inductance
  • Strong driving capacity
  • Portable and compact
  • Wide applications

Our 300w Solar Inverter Protection

Chisage ensures that our 300w solar inverter has a strong and sturdy construction. We added multiple damage protection to guarantee its reliable performance. Our 300w solar inverter has the following:

  • Over-current protector
  • Low voltage protector
  • High voltage protector
  • Overload protector
  • Surge power protector
  • Reverse connection protector
  • Short circuit fuse protector

Chisage 300w solar inverter Advanced Features

Our 300w solar inverter is designed with outstanding features. Here are some examples:

  • Direct connections to solar panels
  • High accuracy auto-detection
  • MPPT tracking
  • High-frequency modulation
  • Stable APL
  • Portable AC outlets
  • Automatic shut-off for damages
  • Strong mounting brackets
  • BMS and Wi-Fi connections
Inverter Power 300W
Source Solar power
Output Voltage 110VAC to 230VAC
Input Voltage 73VAC/275VAC
Resizing Up to 200%
Efficiency 90%
Overload Up to 160%
Certifications RoHS, TUV, CE, etc.

300w Solar Inverter Functions

  • Simply connect the 300w solar inverter to the panels
  • Angle the AC to the amplifier to MCU.
  • In the operation, parallel the phase angle to achieve a high-frequency current
  • To make sine wave output, the use of the SPWM
  • luminosity operation technology is necessary for operations. CPU is used for LCD for clear displays
  • For different current flows, MPPT is advisable
  • Adopt a solar controller. It enables output power adjustments for stability.
  • Use a power load
  • If there is power trouble, 300w solar inverter shut-offs
  • Limit the current for efficiency
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