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3kW Solar Inverter - CE-1P(2-4)KEG

  • High PV input current, up to 18A
  • Low PV start-up voltage, generate power earlier
  • Support bluetooth communication, easier to set and monitor inverter parameters
  • High converter efficiency
  • IP66 protection degree
  • ARC fault detection optional

CHISAGE 3kW Solar Inverter

The CHISAGE 3kW solar inverter is a reliable solution for home or business establishments. Its panel and components are made with quality materials, offering up to 97% efficiency. With CHISAGE 3kW solar inverter, you will experience uninterruptible power support for your solar system.

CHISAGE is an expert in manufacturing quality 3kW solar inverters in different models, offering them at very competitive prices. We have been supplying a large count of solar inverters in the global market for more than a decade. And until now, we continue developing our solar inverter devices to provide the most improved inverter solutions worldwide.

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The Extensive Functions of 3kW Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is widely used for:

  • Off-grid RV
  • Solar system for home
  • Power system for offices
  • Power generation for mobile business
  • Off-grid camping devices
  • Etc.
3kw Solar Inverter

The Solar Panels and 3kW Solar Inverter

The number of solar panels to be paired with a 3kW inverter depends on the solar panels’ wattage rating. For example, if you choose 400W solar panels, you need 8 counts of them. 6 solar panels for 500W, 9 for 370W, 5 for 600W, 4 for 750W, 10 for 300W, and so on.

The Batteries and 3kW Solar Inverter

A 3kW inverter makes the conversion of solar energy into Alternative Current, and you need a battery for storage of the energy. The lithium battery is the best choice for this type of storage.

With this matter, the count of batteries to match with 3kW solar inverted depends on their Ah-rated capacity. For example, if you choose to buy a 100Ah battery, you need 3 of them. If you want to use a 150Ah-170Ah battery rating, you are required to have 2 of them.

The Appliances that a 3kW Solar Inverter can Run

*The following list below is some of the common appliances that usually use AC power. The watt usage details are only an estimated wattage rate based on its usual rating.

  • Refrigerator: 350 – 750 watts
  • Vacuum cleaner: 1220 – 1500 watts
  • Microwave: 1250 – 2000 watts
  • Toaster oven: 1200- 1500 watts
  • Coffee machine: 750 – 1250 watts
  • Laser printer: 800 – 1250 watts
  • Ceiling fan: 75 – 125 watts
  • Fluorescent bulb: 20 – 25 watts
  • Hairdryer: 750 – 1500 watts
  • Cellphone: 40-50 watts
  • Laptop: 25 – 175 watts

3kW (3000W) Solar Inverter Price Range

The 3kW inverted with MPPT controller has a price range of USD200.00-USD300.00. *The price depends on the other ratings and functions.

Main Features & Advantages of CHISAGE 3kW Solar Inverter

  • Sine wave inverter (pure)
  • Cold start
  • With a smart battery charger
  • Short circuit/overload protection
  • Compatible with generator power
  • Input voltage is selectable for different appliances
  • Charging current is selectable
  • Portable design
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