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450-Watt Solar Panel - CE(435-455)-30V-MH

  • Highly reliable due to stringent quality control
  • Fusion of MBB and half-cut cells technology
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • Outstanding low light performance
  • Special cutting and soldering technology leads to low hotspot risk

CHISAGE - Your Trusted 450-Watt Solar Panel Provider

CHISAGE expertly manufactures 450-watt capacity solar panels. We made them with comprehensive styles and sizes. Half-cell technology is what we utilize to achieve their highest power strength. Aside from that, we construct them with corrosion-resistant frames, making them last a long time. Their IP68 rate closures allow them to resist water splashes, debris, and other external elements.

You can request added features and logo printing for your business brand. Our R&D team analyzes and forms suitable solar panel types to fit your budget yet maintains their excellent performance. Let us know your required specification, and we’ll provide solutions.

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Conducted Testing Processes

The solar panels with 450 watts undergo tests to ensure they’re of the highest possible standard. These inspections are in order of stages. 

  1. Checking of the solar panels
  2. Testing the PV combiner
  3. Inspecting a battery controller and an inverter on the box
  4. Then followed by checking the bracket, MC4, and cable
  5. Following these, the system’s complete evaluations come next.
  6. Recording statistics when they pass.
  7. Finalizing all needed documents for the SGS draft
450 Watt Solar Panel
450-Watt Solar Panel
Maximum Power  STC 450W
Cell Efficiency % 22.8
Operating Voltage Vmp 34.67
Series Fuse Rating max. 25A
Operating Current Imp 12.98A
Operating Temperature °F  -40 to 185
Performance 95
System Voltage UL 1,500V DC
Weight kg 23.9
AWG Size Range MC4 10
Short Circuit Current Isc 13.89A

Where to Use the Solar Panel with 450-Watts

The excellent features of 450-watt solar panels are typical in comprehensive operation, particularly in some areas. Here are some of them:

  • Commercial Rooftop
  • Container House
  • Event Rooms
  • Medical Stations
  • Hotels
  • Rural Community
  • Military Base
  • Office Building
  • Farms
  • More

450-Watt Solar Panel Advantages

The following advantages of the 450-watt solar panels make them suitable for long-term investments. 

Module Efficiency 

Modules for the solar system of 450-watt provide high power. They can supply 1800-2250Wh per day. 

Adaptable Size

The solar panels ensure their effectiveness even in limited space. It’s created for the utility-scale system using high technology.

Corrosion-Resistant Frame

Its frame’s design prevents corrosion problems caused by various weather conditions. The panels’ lifespan extended with this. 

High Durability 

Solar panels are highly durable against heavy snow, extreme rains, dust, and other possible outdoor damages. 

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