• 05 C&I hybrid inverter
  • 05 C&I hybrid inverter

500kw Solar Inverter - CE0500

  • Various working modes can be set flexibly
  • PV controller modular design, easy to expand
  • Built-in isolation transformer for high load adaptability
  • Perfect protection function for inverter and battery
  • Redundancy design for important functions
  • Integrated design, easy to integrate
  • Support simultaneous access of load, battery, power grid, diesel and PV
  • Built-in maintenance bypass switch, improve system availability
  • Support battery capacity and discharge time prediction
  • Smooth switching between on and off grid, uninterrupted supply of load
  • Operate with EMS to monitor system status in real time

Custom 500kw Solar Inverter Supplier In China

Chisage provides wide options for a 500kw solar inverter. We are providing this type of inverter in different input/output power ranges. Our company also customizes 500kw solar inverters in different specifications you require. Chisage is an expert in both OEM and ODM services.

We are manufacturing a 500kw solar inverter using premium materials. It has a sturdy structure designed for tough environments. All parts and components are tested to last longer and capable of performing in all applications. Chisage is compliance with ISO, EN, TUV, and more.

If you are looking for a 500kw solar inverter with advanced design and features, we have all you need. You can message us anytime!

Benefits Of Choosing Chisage For Your 500kw Solar Inverter

Compact Design: Chisage 500kw solar inverter achieves advanced designs beneficial for all uses. We have years of experience in developing 500kw solar inverters. Our professional engineers keep on upgrading and advancing the performance of our inverter.

Maximum Efficiency: Unlike the other inverter, our 500kw solar inverter is capable of reaching the highest performance. It can hold overloads for a longer time.

500kw Solar Inverter
Output DC power 500kW
AC rated power 500kW
Maximum input voltage Up to 1,000V
Trigger voltage Up to 480V
Input current Up to 1,200A
Number of parallel inputs 10
Frid frequency 50hz, 60hz
Cooling system Fan(low noise, no vibration)
Operating temp. 50+ Degree Celcius

Chisage 500kw Solar Inverter Highlights

Our 500kw solar inverter offers the following advantages:

  • Modular and latest designs
  • Long operational and storage life
  • Strong damage protection
  • Standard power compensation
  • High-contrast screen display
  • On/off power switches
  • Anti-reverse control mode
  • Active/reactive switches
  • Reliable performance

Step By Step Guide On Installing 500kw Solar Inverter

  1. Follow the provided installation manuals
  2. Secure the mounting and all attachments
  3. Attach mountings to the specific areas you choose
  4. Secure the attachments of solar panels to rails
  5. Connect all cables
  6. Attach PV wires to the junction box and inverter
  7. Attach the inverter to the solar disconnection box
  8. Attach disconnection box to home/equipment electrical box
  9. Contact the electricity department for proper inspection
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