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Chisage ESS is the holding subsidiary of Chisage group who was founded in 1998. After over 24 years’ accumulation and growth, we have developed into a modern enterprise with more than 5,000 employees, 4.5 Billion USD sales revenue. Our business range has been across seven major fields, including apparel, commodities, audio core material, new material, energy storage system, health and industrial investment.
Chisage ESS’s headquarter is located in Ningbo city within a sophisticated R&D engineering team for BMS and hybrid inverter technology. Now we have over 1.5GWh manufacturing capacity for lithium iron phosphate battery packs and 1GW for inverters. Chisage ESS values innovation and reliability. Dedicate to deliver the customers with our best solutions.

Chisage History

Ningbo U&K Fashion Co., Ltd. was established, which was the predecessor of Ningbo Chisage Holdings Co., Ltd
Sichuan Chisage New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is a supplier engaged in electronic material, energy anode material, manganous-manganicoxide, high purity manganese Sulfate. I is one of the Aiding-Sichuan projects organized by Zhejiang merchants to achieve the post-disaster reconstruction and recoverry of the livehood and economy of Qingchuan after the May 12th earthquake.
Jiangsu Chisage Carbon Photonics  Research and Development Center Co., Ltd was established, focuses on the production and sales of new biomedical technologies  as well as taking the lead in the green phototherapy field worldwide.
Ningbo Chisage Resource Co., Ltd. Under Chisage Group was established, which focuses on the business platform of bulk commodity trade. Zhejiang Chisage Holding Group Co., Ltd. Was renamed Chisage Holding Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Ounlitiancheng Network Technolog Co.,Ltd. became a subsidiary of Chisage Group and it is an innovation driven technological enterprise specializing in high quality audio products.
Zhejiang Jingyan Shenlan New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. has become a member of Chisage Group. The company is committed to the industrialization of high power aqueous secondary electrolyte batteries and currently mainly promotes the low speed forklift truck and the new energy storage power station. Zhejiang Chisage New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is an energy storage + intelligent system solution integrator and investor, specializing in the integration of new aqueous batteries, modules, pack, rack and intergration solutions.
Along the way CHISAGE has been carrying forward her cause and forging ahead into the future. With customer orientation as the quidance, being striver in nature, the spirit of hard working and plain living as consistent pursuit, it is determined to be group company on both industry and industrial investment area with ongoing value creation.

Mission, Vision, and Value

Mission: To provide energy storage system solutions to make life better

Vision: To be the leading innovative ESS provider

Value: We value customer first, continuous innovation, and strive for improvement

Mission, Vision, and Value
Business Units

Our Business Units

New Materials. We source different raw materials including electronic materials, high-purity magnesium sulfate, manganous-manganic oxide, energy anode material, and more.

ESS. CHISAGE offers different energy storage system solutions including lithium battery packs, solar hybrid inverters, C&I, all-in-one storage cabinets, etc.

High-Power Aqueous Battery. Our team is composed of professional R&D to develop and manufacture high-power aqueous batteries with a combination of safety and high performance.

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