Austrian customers visit | Quality control and after-sales service to promote in-depth cooperation

Recently, Mr. Edward, the CTO of our Austrian client company, visited our company. Both sides had in-depth communication on household hybrid inverter and energy storage battery, reaching a high degree of consensus on the importance of product quality control and after-sales technical service, further deepening the partnership.

We warmly received Mr. Edward, the CTO of our client company from Austria, and introduced our company and group overview to the client. Mr. Edward was impressed by our global branch network, diversified product lines, and rich industry experience, and highly recognized our industrial scale and comprehensive strength. Afterwards, we took Mr. Edward to visit our product showroom, inverter production line and battery pack production line.

Our main overseas products are hybrid inverters and battery packs, which coincide with Mr. Edward’s business needs. Mr. Edward showed great interest in three-phase 10kW and 12kW hybrid inverters, so we introduced our Mars series three-phase low-voltage hybrid inverters to Mr. Edward. This product supports three-phase unbalanced output and realizes the parallel operation of different power bands, up to 20 inverters in off-grid conditions, which meets the differentiated needs of customers.

In addition, like other European customers, Mr. Edward also emphasized that Austrian TOR certification is the most basic and primary condition for cooperation, and our company is actively following up on the relevant certification matters.

During the visit to the inverter production line and battery Pack production line, Mr. Edward valued the various types of testing on the production line and the test report before shipment, and praised our strict testing and QC process.

Both of us discussed how to further improve the quality of products and strategies to learn from each other and promote win-win cooperation.

At the same time, after-sales service is also a major concern for European customers, usually customers will sign SLA (service-level-agreement) with their own installation team and suppliers to ensure after-sales service, our company has always insisted on deep cultivation in this area, taking after-sales service as the focus of work, and has formed a mature technical service system with unique highlights in Asian, African and Latin American countries. We will gradually replicate our experience and improve our after-sales service system for the European market,” said Mr. Edward, as a technical director who has been working in the power industry for 25 years, he pays great attention to after-sales service and software update service, as well as end-user feedback.

We discussed the technical after-sales service system with the customer, and the customer also put forward some constructive comments and suggestions from the point of view of the front-line market users, such as easy installation, simple operation, user-friendly interface operation, etc., which are highly compatible with our company’s user-oriented philosophy. We will continue to iterate and upgrade our products and technical services to provide customers with more reliable protection.

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