Commercial Battery Storage Systems

CHISAGE Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Storage systems for commercial batteries store immense electrical energy. They are typically for future consumption. Their saved energy came from solar sources and was produced as power for commercial applications. Moreover, battery storage systems are effective solutions for decreasing power costs and ecological impacts.

CHISAGE designs battery storage systems with suitable components. We ensure their power management tools’ efficient forecasting performance. That includes storing and discharging energy, making them reduce utility charges. You can tell us your specific requirements, including their setups, sizes, and other special features. Also, our team can provide your desired designs, depending on your business requirements. 

We can support your commercial projects, whether you need support power or an off-grid storage system!

CE76120-80 76V 120Ah 80kWh LFP Battery Cluster Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Commercial Battery Storage Systems with 76V 120Ah 80kWh LFP Battery Cluster

CE38240-175 38V 240Ah 175kWh LFP Battery Cluster commercial battery storage systems

Commercial Battery Storage Systems with 38V 240Ah 175kWh LFP Battery Cluster

CE76120-150 76V 120Ah 150kWh LFP Battery Cluster Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Commercial Battery Storage Systems with 76V 120Ah 150kWh LFP Battery Cluster

CE38240-300 38V 240Ah 300kWh LFP Battery Cluster Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Commercial Battery Storage Systems with 38V 240Ah 300kWh LFP Battery Cluster

How It Operates

The battery storage systems for businesses operate in three suitable ways.  

  1. At day, renewable energy resources charge the battery storage system.
  2. To define storage energy utilization, here are the software factors to consider.
  • Utility cost rate
  • Weather patterns
  • Consumption records
  • Solar generation

3. On increased usage, the system discharges the power. That saves and gets rid of overpriced charges.

Commercial Battery Storage System
Commercial Battery Storage System

Benefits of Using a Battery Storage System

The battery storage system for businesses has various advantages, including the following.

  • Decreased Energy Cost: Battery storage helps lower energy costs, which is more practical than conventional electric sources.
  • High Renewable Consumption: Solar-powered storage system guarantees efficient energy usage without waste.
  • MIC & MED Controls: Battery systems are set automatically according to input and output capacity. That helps prevent charges.
  • Emits Lower Carbon: The batteries in the system improve renewable utilization. It is an efficient backup when your system cannot generate enough electricity you need. 
  • High Energy Strength: Diesel and extra refills are not required in recharging and returning energy supply.

Comprehensive Functions

The commercial industry uses battery storage systems due to their numerous following functions.

  • Prevents peak loads
  • Improving self-consumption
  • Supplies energy for custom electric vehicles
  • It gives electricity to off-grip spaces
  • Supporting power ability
  • Prevents grin development
Commercial Battery Storage System

Different Suitable Applications

Commercial Battery Storage Systems
Commercial Battery Storage Systems

The commercial battery storage system has comprehensive applications. Consider the below information.

Buildings. A recommended battery storage improves the availability of power supply. 

Isolated Microgrids. Storage batteries provide a reliable supply of power from multiple sources. 

EV Charging Stations. Its capability for ranges of usage is increased, specifically in charging EVs.

Renewable Intergration. Make the power network’s use of renewable energy as efficient as possible. 

Connected Microgrids. The storage batteries guarantee a constant source of electricity for resilient microgrids.

Commercial Plants. To support the required power needed, most plants install storage batteries. 

CHISAGE Add-on Services

Commercial Battery Storage Systems
Commercial Battery Storage Systems

The battery storage systems’ services are tailored well to customers’ needs. In this way, it guarantees that the offered solutions are appropriate and meet needs. Listed below are the covered services:

Schedule Monitoring

Servicing for inspection of the components is done in a set timetable. 

Impromptu Maintenance Request 

Unplanned requests for doing equipment tests, boosting, and troubleshooting are received. 

Parts Plan

The needed supply for new parts is available with quality capacity. 

Operation Diagnostic 

Tracking for abnormal performance is tracked with on-site or remote servicing.

Battery Module 10.24kWh
Storage Capacity 600Ah 800Ah 1000Ah 1200Ah 14000Ah
Charging Voltage 200A 300A 400A 400A 400A
Dimension (mm) 600x800x988 600x800x1166 600x800x1388 600x800x1610 600x800x1833
Weight 350kg 460kg 570kg 680kg 780kg
Nominal Voltage 51.2 volt (optional)
Lifespan 10 to 20 years
Discharge Temp. Range -20℃ to 60℃
Charging Temp. Range 0℃ to 60℃
Communication Method Canbus-Inverter, RS232-PC, etc
Certificates UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, MSDS, IEC62619(Cell)

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