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The solar inverters for commercial applications are typically large. They are designed with about 30,000 watts to 500kW capacity. However, there are comprehensive options available to suit your specific commercial purposes. Our expert team will guide you in choosing the best ones for your business. That ensures you a quick return investment while achieving your business goals.

CHISAGE is a trusted manufacturer that can customize your solar inverter specification needs. That includes their voltages, sizes, installation location requirements, and more. Moreover, we design solar inverters using high-quality raw materials with advanced tests. It guarantees you excellent inverter performance and warranty.

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CE0030 CE0050 30kW 50kW

CE0030 CE0050 30kW 50kW Commercial Solar Inverters

CE0100 CE0150 100kW 150kW

CE0100 CE0150 100kW 150kW Commercial Solar Inverters

CE0250 250kW

CE0250 250kW Commercial Solar Inverters

CE0500 500kW

CE0500 500kW Commercial Solar Inverters

How it Works

The overview of how solar inverters function is detailed below in a brief description. 

  1. Cells on solar panels gather light from the sun. 
  2. Direct current, or DC, is called the energy collected. And after that, they will be transmitted to the inverter.
  3. The inverters then convert the transferred DV into alternating current or AC.  
  4. With usable electricity, the appliances will function normally. AC can support commercial equipment such as lighting and more. 
Commercial Solar Inverters
Commercial Solar Inverters

Benefits of Using Solar Inverters for Business

Solar inverters for commercial use offer advantages for any business. Its performance is efficient and perfect for supplying the needed usable electricity. Additionally, this helps the companies to operate with fewer financial expenses, such as utility bills. 

These offer more benefits when using solar inverters for commercial use. More of them includes in the list below. 

  • Advantages of saving budgets 
  • Achieve a successful solution to potential electricity price hikes.
  • Supply for all powdered appliances and systems in business 

Suitable Commercial Areas

Solar inverters’ beneficial qualities are typical for the following commercial areas.

  • Hotels
  • Repair Shops
  • Warehouse
  • Factories
  • Golf Resorts
  • Pharmacies
  • Distribution Centers
  • Banks
  • More
Commercial Solar Inverters
Commercial Solar Inverters

Quality Features

Commercial-use solar inverters are designed with high-quality features, such as follows.

  • Efficiency: The solar inverters’ efficiency in performance contributes significantly to delivering usable AC in the business.
  • Model: Solar inverters are accessible in numerous models and prices. They have specs specially designed for commercial projects.
  • MPP Trackers: Maximum power point tracker is an efficient converter in solar inverters. It maximizes electricity output.
  • Warranty: The warranty service covered for a commercial solar inverter is ten years. That includes labor and parts.
  • Start-up Voltage: They generate the lowest start-up voltage. For utmost optimization, its described in detail on the datasheet.
Commercial Solar Inverter
Inverter Efficiency 95%
Inverter Type Off-grid, on-grid, hybrid
Input Voltage 48V
Output Voltage 220V
Size 310mm x 373mm x 160mm
Weight 50kg
Color grey, white, custom 
Battery Capacity 150 Ah
Power 340 W
Operating Voltage single-phase, two-phase, custom
Number of cells 72  

*Its units may vary due to model type

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