• 01 Liquid Cooling Bess
  • 02 Liquid Cooling Bess
  • 01 Liquid Cooling Bess
  • 02 Liquid Cooling Bess

ESS Container - Liquid Cooling Bess Battery Storage

  • 30% higher energy density than air cooling system, decrease installation area
  • Smart liquid cooling temperature control system, decrease 20% auxiliary power supply, save operation cost
  • IP67 dual firefighting and anti-explosion design
  • Centrally symmetrical layout design, liquid cooling units are mutually backup
  • Low-temperature difference to 3°C, extend battery lifetime
  • Real-time battery state monitoring, dynamic adjustment of energy management strategy

ESS Container

The Energy Storage System is also known as the ESS container. It is a collection of storage devices constructed together to store energy. Then, supply it when power is needed in the future. ESS containers increase power utilization efficiency.

Chisage provides ESS container solutions for off-grid, on-grid, energy management, frequency management, and more. It can support energy power services, load shaving, energy shifting, and other related situation. These containers provide a flexible solution to different areas. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, our containers are capable to hold around 250kWh up to 5MWh energy. These can be transferred to 10 feet, 20 feet, or 40 feet containers. For particular requirements, Chisage can modify the ESS container to match your unique system requirements and available space.

Why Choose ESS Container from Chisage

High Level of Safety
High Level of Safety

Our ESS container has multiple battery protection over short circuits, over-voltage, temperature, electric leakage, etc.

Broad Application
Broad Application

The container’s modular design allows ease of installation, flexibility to debug, and transport to other complex environments.

Monitoring Remotely
Monitoring Remotely

Chisage design ESS container with remote monitoring through a computer. The system can be checked daily virtually.

Improve Power Efficiency
Improve Power Efficiency

Containers help prevent power outage and minimize damages. Guarantee stabilized system operation for many years.

Main Strengths of Our ESS Container

Built-in with temperature-resistant Li-ion batteries

Supporting grid reliability

High energy density and cost-effectiveness

Power security and voltage stability

Minimize daily maintenance expenses

Maximum temperature control

Simple to clean and install


Certificate of Compliance

Chisage designed ESS container to meet strict industry safety criteria, including:





UL 9540A

IEC 62619

IEC 62933-5-1


Industry Application of ESS Container

Chisage provide ESS container for large-scale utility up to residential usage. Below are some of the power systems it suits perfectly.

Wind Power

Photovoltaics Power

Power Stations

Data Center

Business Building

Communication Base Station




IP Protection Grade 54, 20
Output Power 500 kW, 250 kW, 30KW, 100KW, 150KWh, 1000kWh, etc
AC Power 550 kW, 275 kW, 400kW, 500kW, etc.
Life Cycles ≥6000
Max. Charging/Discharging Rate 5.75 kW, 4.05 kW, 5.7 kW, or customize
Rated Current [A]
Operating Temperature From -10 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.7 x 12.1 x 3.2m, 12.12×2.44×2.90m, customized
Warranty 10-years
Container 20ft, 10ft, 40ft, 20HQ, 40HQ etc.
Capacity 500kWh-2MWh

ESS Container Manufacturing Process

1 – Cell

2 – Block

3 – Battery Module

4 – Battery System

5 – Pack System

6 – Container

Advanced Building Management System

The innovative BMS provide several protection and function to the system. These features include:

  • Providing information on voltage, energy, current, SOH, and SOC status
  • Processes and shows the battery system’s current status in real-time
  • It makes data easier to retrieve through a graphical user interface.
  • Enables numerous defense mechanisms to function in emergency situations.
  • Availability of the remote management function through Ethernet
  • Up to three years of event record and monitoring data storage
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