• 5-14kW Rated AC Output Power
  • ARC fault detection optional
  • Support on/off grid mode switch, EPS output
  • Support storing energy from diesel generator
  • Independent AC input port for diesel generator
  • 20 PCS inverters parallel for off-grid operation
  • Colorful 7-inch touch LCD, IP65 protection degree
  • Support different power inverters parallel connection
  • Support battery charging/discharging according to the time setting
  • 100% unbalanced output, each phase max. output up to 50% rated power

Why choose us?

We have rich service experience and research and development technology.

Stable supply chain

Having our own battery pack and inverter factories with more than 3GWh of Li-FePO4 battery packs and 100000 inverters capacity.

Local Services

Branch offices, technical centers and warehouses in main markets to cover the surrounding area of 200-300 kilometers.

Accept Customization

Supporting OEM and ODM for strategic customers, customers with the same idea, and customers who reach the MOQ.

Excellent After-sales Service

The service & technical team of more than 90 people provides timely assistance, product training and on-site technical support.

Strong R&D Team

The R&D team of more than 30 professionals, who have more than 10 years of R&D experience at top companies in the industry.

Competitive Payment Terms

Supporting a variety of payment methods, such as T/T, L/C, Alibaba Trade Guarantee Payment, paypal, alipay and so on.

Technical Data

Model Mars-5G2-LE Mars-6G2-LE Mars-8G2-LE Mars-10G2-LE Mars-12G2-LE Mars-14G2-LE
Battery Input
Battery Type  Lead-acid or Li-ion
Battery Voltage Range (V)  40-60
Max. Charge Current (A) 120 130 200 220 250 280
Max. Discharge Current (A) 120 130 200 220 250 280
Charging Curve 3 Stages/Equalization
External Temperature Sensor Optional
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery Self-Adaption to BMS
PV String Input
Max. DC Input Power (W) 7,500 9,000 12,000 15,000 18,000 20,000
PV Input Voltage (V) 650(160~800)
MPPT Range (V) 200~700
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V) 260~650
Start-up Voltage (V) 160
PV Input Current (A) 17+17 17+17 17+17 26+17 26+17 26+17
Max. PV Isc (A) 20+20 20+20 20+20 34+20 34+20 34+20
No. of MPPT Trackers 2
No. of Strings per MPPT Trackers 1+1 1+1 1+1 2+1 2+1 2+1
AC Output
Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W) 5,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000
Max. AC Output Power (W) 6,000 7,200 9,600 12,000 13,200 15,400
Peak Power(off grid) 2 times of rated power, 10s 1.8 times of rated power, 10s
AC Output Rated Current (A) 7.6/7.3 9.1/8.7 12.1/11.6 15.2/14.5 18.2/17.4 21.1/20.3
Max. AC Current (A) 11.4/10.9 13.6/13 18.2/17.4 22.7/21.7 27.3/26.1 27.6/26.4
Max. Continuous AC Passthrough (A) 30 30 30 50 50 50
Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Output Frequency and Voltage (V) 50/60Hz, 380/400Vac(Triple phase)
Grid Type Three phase
Current Harmonic Distortion THD<3%(Linear load<1.5%)
Max. Efficiency 97.90%
Euro Efficiency 96.90%
MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
Integrated PV Input Lightning Protection, Anti-islanding Protection, PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection, Insulation
Resistor Detection, Residual Current Monitoring Unit, Output Over Current Protection, Output Shorted Protection
PV ARC Fault Detection Optional
Output Over Voltage Protection DC Type II/AC Type III
Certifications and Standards
Grid Regulation CEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N 4105, NRS 097, IEC 61727, G99, G98, VDE 0126-1-1, RD 1699,C10-11
Safety Regulation IEC/EN62109-1, IEC/EN62109-2
EMC IEC/EN 61000-6-1,IEC/EN 61000-6-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-3, IEC/EN 61000-6-4
General Data
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -45~60, >45 Derating
Cooling Smart Cooling
Noise (dB) ≤45
Communication with BMS CAN, RS485
Weight (kg) 38 40 42 44 44 45
Dimensions (mm) 510W ×630H ×290D
Protection Degree IP65
Installation Style Wall-mounted

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Product Details

CHISAGE ESS Mars-5-14G2-LE Hybrid Inverter Scene Diagram 02
CHISAGE ESS Mars-5-14G2-LE Hybrid Inverter Scene Diagram 01

Different powers meet the vast majority of scenarios. We provide on-site installation and usage guidance services, making it easy for you to buy and use.

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Product Introduction

If you have any questions during the browsing process, please feel free to contact us and communicate with us at any time.
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100% Unbalanced Output

Chisage ESS three phase hybrid inverter support 100% unbalanced output, enabling efficient power distribution across all phases. Each phase can deliver a maximum output of up to 50% of its rated power, providing flexibility and optimal performance.

Independent AC Input Port for Diesel Generator

Chisage ESS three phase hybrid inverter have an independent AC input port specifically designed for connection to a diesel generator. This allows seamless integration of backup power from the generator when needed.

CHISAGE ESS Mars-5-14G2-LE Hybrid Inverter Feature Image 02

Unleash the potential for unlimited possibilities!

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Application Cases​

We have served thousands of customers and have rich service experience.
12kW Solar Energy Storage System in South Africa

South Africa Installation Case

12kW Solar Energy Storage System in South Africa

Lebanon Installation Case

12kW Solar Energy Storage System in Lebanon

12kW Solar Energy Storage System in Lebanon-1

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, CHISAGE ESS inverter is compatible with a wide range of batteries available on the market. We have conducted extensive testing to ensure its compatibility and performance. We have a list of all the suitable batteries, please refer to our documentation.

CHISAGE ESS is a factory 50 kilometers away from Ningbo port, which is very convenient for loading and shipping, and saves a lot of transportation cost. We have a R&D and engineering team of more than 30 people for energy storage systems and solar inverter technology. Now we have over 3GWh of Li-FePO4 battery packs and 100000 inverters capacity.

CHISAGE ESS supports a variety of payment methods, such as T/T, L/C, Alibaba Trade Guarantee Payment, paypal, alipay and others. If we enter into strategic cooperation, we can communicate with you about payment methods such as DP.

CHISAGE ESS welcomes you to test our quality by sample. Samples will be prepared and sent out within 7 working days after the specification is confirmed.

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