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The inverter accessories are the additional inverter parts utilized by different industries. They are extra components allowing the inverters to operate more efficiently. Every related accessory has various features, like resistance, modernity, and practical solutions. And these components add excess capacity for overall inverters’ performance. 

CHISAGE can be the trusted manufacturer that supplies you with suitable accessories. You can request the specific component you need for your inverters. And our immense inverter accessory production guarantees instant delivery and solution. Performing various quality control procedures ensures your accessories’ satisfying operations. That helps us to meet your inverter purpose requirements.

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Our Offered Inverter Accessories


The inverter batteries are designed with LED lights and alarm displays, enabling the operator to see the battery levels. They come in different types, depending on applications.

Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers

Battery chargers provide an uninterruptible power supply for numerous home appliances. They are available in various capacities, well-recharging suitable inverter batteries.

Battery Switches
Battery Switches

The battery switches for inverters have compact designs with the quickest and most flexible connections. These inverter switches have flame and high-temperature resistance.

Battery Cables
Battery Cables

Inverter battery cables have customizable lengths with different sheath colors. They work well in about the -55 to 50℃ temperature range. These cables also resist chemicals and oil.

Transfer Switches
Transfer Switches

Transfer switch accessories are connected to the alternate current sources. It switches current into a couple of sources. However, various styles are available, depending on the preferred setup. 

Soft Starters
Soft Starters

The soft starter is typically used for fan or pump usage. You can choose from a comprehensive 15 to 710kW rated power range. Colors are also customizable according to requests.

Inverter’s Advantages Having Custom Accessories

Starts Softly

The inverters should supply the generated power at decreased frequency. From soft starting operations, inverters’ speed and frequency slowly improve until reaching your needed rate.

We design inverters with accessories that help you control the acceleration or deceleration, depending on the applications.

Managed Started Power

For operating the motors, it draws about 7 to 8 high-load currents. 

With AC accessories, the inverters’ power decreases from the start. And that results in lesser motor rewinds and prolongs their warranty time.

Accessible to Change Motion Direction

The inverters can control the frequency and flow of operations. Their rotational movement changes require only less current.

The AC drives come with a stand mixer accessory, generating proper performance while changing rotation directions.

Easy to Install

Custom inverters are designed with simple installation advantages. Their accessories, like connection lines, motors, and auxiliary power control, are formed with wires. That means the connector and line attachment is the only requirement to operate inverters.

Versatile Torque Limit

The inverters are designed with torque-controlled features. That helps prevent potential motor damage. Depending on the motor application, they are fixed in the torque limit level to stop overloading.

Fewer Disturbances

The operating inverters over the system may result in a massive drain for delivering power and voltage sag. With specific inverter features, voltage sag is prevented. 

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