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Parallel Kit

The parallel kit is used to increasing the power of an inverter by providing more than 2800 watts or more. We especially to connect even into the inverter due to it has simple clip-on connections and it doesn’t need tools.

  • Compatible with various types of inverters
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can double your power source
  • Meet ISO 9001 Certifications

CHISAGE your Parallel Kit Supplier

Our parallel kits are made from premium quality materials that can able to standard even in high power or voltage. Even though it can provide high power this parallel kit can also improve safety when you set up. If you are a user of an inverter this is perfect for you rather than using a bigger generator. It helps to power up your homes, office, etc because it can produce high power which is the same with multiple generators.

We are a leading supplier of parallel kits in China. You can choose an extensive range of types, sizes, and more that can fit your desired requirements. With the help of our team, you can request customize on us at an affordable price.

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Why Choose CHISAGE as Your Parallel Kit Provider

Quality Assurance.  As a trusted supplier, our main goal is always to provide high-quality parallel inverters to our customers. That is why we have a QC team that always checks the processing method of this before it can be delivered to you.

Aftersales Service. We offer aftersales service for every parallel kit you purchase from. You can send us your inquiries if there is a problem with a product and we offer a 1-year warranty.

Free Maintenance. CHISAGE provides free maintenance if their problem happens on the parallel kit such as free accessories, tools, and parts of it. You can contact us anytime.

AC Breaker 30-Amp, to 50-Amp
Volts AC 120V
Outlets 120V 50A RV and 120V 30A RV for locking
Wattage 2,800+ Watts
Frequency 60Hz
Assembly Required No need

Advantages When Using Parallel Kit

Reliability. In general, this parallel kit is more reliable rather than the older model. This makes become popular in areas that cannot have an electric supply.

Ease of use. We design this for being easy to use so that anyone can handle this. Even if you do not have enough knowledge of electronics you can also still set them up.

Low Cost. CHISAGE makes sure that this is made at a low price so that anyone can afford this. Aside from that it can save you money.

A backup system. One of the great advantages of parallel kits it because of their duality in the system. If another part of the parallel kit is not working another side can handle all the load. Meaning you don’t need to worry about that problem, coz you can still use it even for a long period of time.

Different Parts of Parallel Kit

The parallel kit are made with different parts and components such as:

  • RV Outlet
  • Twist Lock Outlet
  • 30A Breakers
  • Connector Cords
  • Snap-fit Mount
  • And more
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