Our products cover over a hundred models in three series, including: SOLAR INVERTER, ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM, and SOLAR BATTERY.

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Welcome to our world of solar inverters! If you dream of converting solar energy into a reliable power supply, then you’ve come to the right place! Chisage ESS is a professional solar inverter provider with a senior R&D team and standardized production workshops. We have a wide range of products under our belt, mainly including:

Grid tie inverters, ranging from single-phase 0.6kW-10kW and three-phase 3kW-136kW. These grid-connected inverters are characterized by high IP66 protection, high conversion efficiency, high PV input currents, low PV start-up voltages, a 5-year warranty, and Bluetooth communication.

Microinverter, Chisage ESS two main products are 800W and 2000W, they are one to two and one to four designs. They are lightweight and compact, with a maximum DC voltage of 60V low voltage, IP67 fully potted design, 25 years of design life, and EC62109, 61000, VDE4105 certificates.

Off-grid inverters, there are 3kW and 5kW available in the low-power segment and 8kW and 10kW available in the high-power segment. Among them, the 5kW off-grid inverter has a parallel function, which can support up to 6 units to be connected in parallel.。

Low-voltage hybrid inverters, including single-phase 2.5kW-10kW and three-phase 5kW-14kW. In addition to the features of common hybrid inverters on the market, they have these unique features, such as different power inverters parallel connection, less than 5ms UPS transfer time, 150% unbalanced output, Compatible with multi-brand lithium batteries, Max. 20pcs off-grid parallel connection etc.

All-in-one storage cabinet, with a capacity of 100kW/200kWh, is designed to be applied in various multi-application conditions. It offers the benefits of peak shifting to reduce electricity bills, operating with renewable energy sources, increasing the stability of renewable energy supply, and supporting grid-side applications.

High voltage hybrid all-in-one ESS, including single-phase 3kW-8kW, three-phase 4kW-20kW.They have IP66 protection degree, max. 18A PV input current, 100% full load charge and discharge, within 10ms UPS-level switching, WiFi and Bluetooth connection.

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