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The solar inverter for residential use changes DC energy into efficient AC electricity. They are designed with various configurations. Moreover, these inverters are essential components of solar system solutions. Every series reach everyday electricity requirements. The solar inverters provide power and are used to charge batteries for home appliances.

CHISAGE manufactures a wide range of solar inverters suitable for any residential location. We can customize your required sizes, capacity, and even inverter design. Moreover, our R&D team analyzes and designs specific inverters according to your projects. 

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CE-1P(300-500)1G-220&230-US&EU 300W 500W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter

300W 500W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter

CE-1P(600-1000)1G-220&230-US&EU 600W 800W 1000W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inerter

600W 800W 1000W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inerter

CE-1P(1300-2000)1G-220&230-US&EU 1300W 1600W 2000W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter

1300W 1600W 2000W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter

CE4830-EU-60-H 48V 60A 3kW European Standard High Voltage off Grid Inverter

48V 60A 3kW European Standard High Voltage Off Grid Inverter

CE4850-EU-80-H 48V 80A 5kW European Standard High Voltage off Grid Inverter

48V 80A 5kW European Standard High Voltage Off Grid Inverter

Mars-(5-12)G1-LE 5kW 6kW 8kW 10kW 12kW Low Voltage Energy Storage Hybrid Inverter

5kW 6kW 8kW 10kW 12kW Low Voltage Energy Storage Hybrid Inverter

Why Choose CHISAGE Solar Inverter


Solar inverters for residential usage are more efficient. They have flexible configurations and a high current ratio.

Smart Control
Smart Control

CHISAGE designs residential inverters with wifi controls. Their feature can be monitored or upgraded through the APP.

Safe & Reliable
Safe & Reliable

Solar inverters have anti-corrosion strength. They’re made with advanced technology, which guarantees inverters’ long life.

Easy to Setup
Easy to Setup

We made the solar inverter for home use with an easy-to-mount advantage. They come with easy-to-push connectors.

Residential Solar Inverter Options

The following defines solar inverters, ideal for home applications.

Microinverters: Connecting them to each panel is recommended in setting up microinverters. That helps them be more secure. However, compared to the other inverters, they are more pricey.

String Inverter: The string inverters have a stand-alone structure. Among other types, string ones are more affordable. However, it needs more efficiency. That is due to blocked occurrences that may affect panel failures. 

String Inverter with Optimizer: The solar panel designed for home use is attached to the energy optimizer. MPP trackers monitor solar panels. The extra power optimizer helps prevent board fails when single ones are affected.

Residential Solar Inverter
Residential Solar Inverter

Ideal Solar Power System

Here are the following system compatible with residential used solar inverters.

Hybrid Inverter System: A hybrid inverter manages the generated power from the solar system. They are attachable to the power grid and panels. Moreover, they function efficiently even without batteries. 

Grid-Tied Inverter System: In converting currents, the grid-tied inverters effectively use this function. They have anti-islanding protection, which makes them ideal for residential uses. 

Off-Grid Inverter System: This system is compatible with an off-grid solar system. Its primary role is to assist in storing extra charges. Additionally, they provide electricity at night.

Various Solar Inverter Components

The residential solar inverter consists of these components. 

  • MPPT. Maximum power point tracking for maximizing and optimizing power
  • DC input.Generates electricity from the solar system
  • Display unit. Shows data, current, voltage, and power input 
  • Transformer. Produces consumable current from high-frequency AC
  • Output connection. A wiring connected to the inverter generates electricity 
  • Anti-islanding protection. It shutdowns the system when irregular currents happen
Residential Solar Inverter

Functions of Solar Inverters for Homes

Residential Solar Inverter
Residential Solar Inverter

The solar inverters for homes convert the gathered direct current from the solar system. Since DC currents are unsuitable for immediate use, they transform them into alternating currents. A solar inverter ensures the generation of a current used by grids. And that is by switching the current into AC supplied to operating home appliances. 

However, with today’s inventions, discoveries, and technology, inverters offer more functions. A device can use an additional to check and monitor its generated power usage. Moreover, they have these such excellent capacities.

  • Sharing direct information via app or online
  • Giving follow-up reports 
  • Disconnects to the grid in power interruptions
  • Keeping lights on even if the grid is down

Comprehensive Advantages 

There are types of solar inverters ideal for residential applications. But all of them share the following primary advantages. 

Stable Power Supply 

An inverter supplies stable electrical power to all household appliances. It prevents damages or malfunctions caused by breakdowns, thus avoiding additional expenses. 

Renewable Resource

The highest point in the utilization of inverters for solar systems promotes a clean energy source. That is by eliminating fossil fuel usage, contributing to air pollution and other environmental concerns.

Low in Maintenance 

With solar inverter’s capacity and size, prices vary for each type. And the other ones are expensive. However, their price guarantees their effectiveness and requires nearly no maintenance.

Factors in Selecting Residential Use Inverters 

Here are some suggestions to consider in choosing the ideal solar inverters for households. 

Measure the Needed Power 

Calculate the consumed power of all home appliances. The approximate total is the energy needed for supply. 

Determine Capacity

The choice of inverter should be capable enough to support demand power. That’s why it is essential to determine which capacity suits the most. 

Battery Size

Choose an ideal battery size for inverters to support their functionality and operation. 


Don’t settle for a low price of solar inverters with limited operational capacity. There is a range of its type with proper and high functions.

Maintenance Guidelines 

Proper maintenance should be applied to ensure optimal performance and extend the solar inverter’s lifespan. 

  1. Regularly check if there’s a sign of damage on the inverters, such as tears, cracks, and discolored components. 
  2. Use a soft brush to clean dust and debris. 
  3. See if the fans in the features work correctly and replace them if damaged. 
  4. Monitor the output to see if it produces a stable power supply. 
  5. Get a professional service to inspect the inverter connection, capacitors, and other components. 
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