• Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter

Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter

The split-phase hybrid inverters are efficiently manufactured for increased power output. They typically work with lithium-ion solar batteries. CHISAGE design them with APP connections and LCD screens. These hybrid inverters can also be set up directly into the solar systems. Moreover, they come with the following advantages. 

  • Supported by Wi-fi connection
  • Easy to switch the power source
  • Extended warranty time
  • Multi-operated setting
  • Battery pack compatibility
  • It can be updated using a remote
  • High level of protection

CHISAGE - Expert Split Phase Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer

CHISAGE analyzes and manufactures the most functional split-phase-type hybrid inverters. They are available in different models, capacity levels, sizes, and more. Furthermore, inverter designs can be parallel or connected into about six units. This feature makes them more in-demand and convenient for applications requiring high power. Moreover, we upgraded the split-phase inverters, having the capacity to operate even without battery support. 

Our company has a professional R&D team providing split-phase-type hybrid inverter solutions. We have on-grid inverters with about 1kW to 100 kW power. And off-grid ones that reach about 630kW capacity. Whether you need hybrid inverters for commercial, power stations, or residential applications, we got you covered!

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Comprehensive Resistance & Protection

CHISAGE manufactures split-phase hybrid inverters with high resistance and protection from the following issues.

  • Overvoltage
  • Overload
  • Reverse occurrence
  • Overcharge
  • High current
  • Over Temperature
  • Over-discharge
  • Low current
Comprehensive Resistance & Protection
Specifications Value
Rate Power 5,000W, custom
Peak Power 15,000W, custom
Battery Voltage(Standard) 24V/48V, etc.
AC Input Voltage 165 to 270 VAC, custom
AC Input Frequency 50HZ/60HZ, custom
AC Input 220 V, custom
  • Efficiency: ≥90%
  • Conversion time: ≤5ms
Suitable Batteries
  • AGM Battery
  • Lithium-Ion
  • SLA Batteries
  • Gel batteries
  • Or custom
Cooling System Intelligent fans
Standard Size 610x445x215, custom
Standard Weight 27.3-kilogram
Maximum Charging Power 50A/60A, custom

Additional Characteristics

The split-phase hybrid-type inverter comes with different advantageous characteristics. And that allows them to have added purposes and be the better choice for high solar power needs. However, various inverter models provide individual capacities. Consider the following standard-added properties they possess.

  • The inverter is designed with isolated output and input power
  • Signal and current lines are dependent on blocks
  • Enhanced rectifier and board construction
  • Latest and certified electronic parts
  • Flexible configuration
  • Customized components and designs
  • Easy to access and control
  • more

Included Contents on a Packaging

In one packaging of the ordered hybrid converter with split phase, complete content or accessories are included, such as follows.

  • Communication lines
  • External display
  • User manual
  • A unit of your chosen inverter model
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