• Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter
  • Chisage Ess Hybrid Inverter

String Inverter

CHISAGE string inverters provide inexpensive solutions for many solar installations. Its modern engineering and innovative configurations lead to superior overall performance, plus a longer service life to your system. These are proven the safest, most reliable, sturdiest, and best-performing inverter technology that is the best worth trying!

  • Handles multiple panel strings installed to it
  • Ensures higher yields and flawless operations
  • Effectively reduces energy bills
  • High efficiency and power density
  • Voltage and current’s analog measurement accuracy
  • Low-output distortion

China’s Leading String Inverter Manufacturer - CHISAGE

A China-based company, CHISAGE established a reputable name as a leading string inverter manufacturer and solution provider. We produce a series of models and configurations for string inverters that are best suited to your residential or commercial applications. 

Throughout decades of operation, we have grown to be trusted and respected as we help thousands of businesses and residences installing high-performance inverters. Our highly innovative string inverters give you practical solutions and a range of energy-saving strategies that support your small, medium, to large-scale needs. 

As your longest-serving string inverter company, CHISAGE provides:

  • Expert consumer reviews
  • Absolute specifications and warranty details
  • Complete inverter and systems prices from leading websites
  • 24/7 communication services
  • On-time door-to-door delivery and installation

Get now your state-of-the-art string inverter, available only at CHISAGE!

CHISAGE String Inverter's Typical Use

String inverters are an inverter type that are widely used with solar arrays. Many solar panels must be coupled or connected in series with the string inverters for proper operation.

To convert all the direct current energy into alternating current energy, inverters are utilized. Also, it monitors and manages the energy performance generated by the solar modules. Several solar panels may be connected to a series of inverters whose input voltage capacity is controlled centrally.

CHISAGE String Inverter's Typical Use

Benefits of Using CHISAGE String Inverters

  1. String inverter systems leads to possible chances in lowering connection hazards. It also generates lowest electrical noise extent, resulting in more enhanced shutdown reliability and fault detection accuracy.
  2. String inverters are customarily installed in less harsh locations or environments. This allows for easy accessibility for needed maintenance or services. Also, it reduces the safety risk of your technician and for you as well.                                                                                                        
  3. Full-length and upscale engineering, guaranteeing more optimized power production and sustainability. 
  4. String inverters are produced in accordance with the open industry standard that makes them sophisticated, flexible and future-proof. These are effortlessly operative in very accessible areas and/or environments.

Valuable Aspects of String Inverters

CHISAGE string inverters are the most common and well-known variety of solar inverter.

Their longevity and sturdiness are the primary factors behind their success.

Troubleshooting and maintenance are straightforward.

Most string inverters are situated in a shared area and fixed on walls.

Eliminating the need to repeatedly visit the field for troubleshooting makes maintenance easier.

Original technologies.

The use of string inverters dates back a very long time.

The fact that most string inverters are dependable and that electricians are familiar with the technology has led to a broad acceptance of the devices.

Lowered costs.

Right now, string inverters outperform micro inverters economically.

Unlike micro inverters, which are required for each panel, string inverters only require one per installation.

Analysis of the String Inverter

Keep the following in mind as you compare different string inverter solutions:


String inverters’ efficiency ranges are just like those of solar panels. 

The amount of energy lost as heat during switching from DC to AC power is what determines an inverter’s efficiency.

By using string inverters with improved system efficiency, more solar electricity may be generated.

Length and width.

Your solar inverter’s length and width will change depending on the size of your solar array, and other site-specific factors.

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