Unique Resonance| Gathering with CHISAGE ESS at Solar&Storage Live Philippines

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From May 20th to 21st, 2024, the Philippines International Solar and Energy Storage Exhibition (Solar&Storage Live Philippines) was grandly held in Manila. CHISAGE ESS showcased multiple flagship products at the exhibition, engaging in discussions with local clients about the innovation and development of green energy.

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Market Introduction

The Philippines, located just north of the equator, benefits from exceptionally favorable sunlight conditions year-round, with solar radiation intensity ranging from 1600 to 2300 kWh/m² annually and daylight hours in summer reaching up to 14 hours. With over 7,000 islands and predominantly mountainous terrain, the country’s power grid is highly fragmented due to its geographic characteristics. Remote rural islands often experience power shortages, and the electricity sector is predominantly privatized. In this context, the development model of “photovoltaics + energy storage” has become the primary approach for the country to transition from traditional energy sources to a green future.

By the end of 2023, the Philippines had added 383 MW of new photovoltaic capacity. According to the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) released by the Department of Energy, the country aims for renewable energy to account for 50% of its power generation by 2024. This includes a target of 27 GW of new solar capacity by 2040.

Exhibition Review

The Solar & Storage Live Philippines is the largest and most influential photovoltaic industry event in the Philippines. It aims to promote the development of renewable energy in the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region, fostering technological innovation and business collaboration. The exhibition gathers top global companies and experts to showcase and discuss the latest solar and energy storage solutions.


During the exhibition, CHISAGE ESS team worked collaboratively, showcasing a professional service attitude while thoroughly introducing customers to the technical advantages and application scenarios of our products. Our Mars series three-phase low-voltage hybrid inverters and Jup series single-phase low-voltage hybrid inverters stood out due to their impressive features.

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Attributes such as “easy installation,” “excess power grid-tied,” “support for 20 parallel units,” and “comprehensive after-sales service” precisely met the needs of local customers in the Philippines. The CHISAGE ESS booth was highly popular, attracting numerous customers who stopped by to observe and further discuss potential cooperation.

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Many customers contacted us before the show and showed great interest in our products, eager to meet at the booth. We believe that “good products speak for themselves”. One of the customers came to the site to see the real thing, more sure that it is the product he wants, and placed a sample order for four products on the spot. On this day full of love, CHISAGE ESS team also deeply felt the trust and support from the customers.

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CHISAGE ESS will continue to cultivate in the local market, improve localised warehousing and technical support, and continue to invest in R&D to provide customers with more professional one-stop energy storage solutions.

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