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Have you ever wondered what a difference it would make if we could store energy and use it whenever we want? CHISAGE ESS brings you high-quality energy storage systems to help you reduce your electricity bill and bring you a stable power supply. Our energy storage systems include High-Voltage Hybrid All in One ESS, Portable Power Station, Container BESS, and C&I ESS.

If you want to use an energy storage system in your home, you can High-Voltage Hybrid All in One ESS, including single-phase 3kW-8kW, three-phase 4kW-20kW. They have IP66 protection degree, max. 18A PV input current, 100% full load charge and discharge, within 10ms UPS-level switching, WiFi and Bluetooth connection.

If you want to use an energy storage system for outdoor activities, camping, traveling, or in emergencies, you can choose Portable Power Station. Our portable power station is based on lithium-ion batteries, which output USB, Type-C, DC, and AC, support a common power interface and a common voltage range, and a built-in bi-directional inverter that supports AC fast charging within 90 minutes to full capacity. They cover almost all kinds of small and medium-sized digital equipment, household appliances, and onboard emergency appliances.

If you want to use an energy storage system in a large commercial or industrial setting, you can choose Container BESS or C&I ESS. Our Container BESS is designed with IP67 double fire and explosion protection to ensure its safety and reliability. It is also designed with liquid-cooled piping, resulting in a temperature difference of less than 3℃, thus effectively extending battery life. As for C&I ESS, is powered by industry-leading lithium iron phosphate batteries, effectively extending cycle life. The system adopts a modular design with an integrated liquid-cooled temperature control system, making the system safer and more reliable and easy to transport and install. We can provide you with standardized solutions or meet your customized needs based on your specific situation.

By choosing an energy storage system from CHISAGE ESS, you’ll have unlimited energy and great benefits for your home and business. Contact our sales team to learn more about energy storage systems. Let’s start a new chapter in the energy revolution together!

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Large Commercial or Industrial Use

CHISAGE ESS CE-3P4-20KEG-HE-EU All In One ESS Product Pictures 01

3-20kW Super Wide Battery Voltage Range All In One ESS

CHISAGE ESS CESS-3354-6709L ESS Container Product Pictures 01

Liquid Cooling ESS Container


600W and 1000W Portable Power Station

Energy Storage System

If you are producing excess electrical energy from your solar systems, then probably there is a need for a “storage system”.

You need to store some electrical energy for use at a later stage when the sources no longer generate enough power. That is exactly where an energy storage system (ESS) plays an integral role.

Let’s look at some fundamental aspects of ESS.

What is an Energy Storage System?

An ESS is a special equipment or device that converts electrical energy into a form that can be stored with the ability to convert the same energy back into useful form when needed.

Putting this into perspective:

When your solar panels produce excess energy, some amount is transferred to the solar battery. Later when there is no solar energy, the battery supplies the home or office with electricity. In this case, the solar battery is part of an energy storage system.

Benefits of Electrical Energy Storage Systems

There are many reasons why you should invest in highly efficient ESS:

  • Storing solar energy to reduce energy waste
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Increase reliability and stability of power supply
  • Reduce electricity costs by cutting peaks and filling valleys
  • Reducing carbon emissions to protect the environment
  • They make it easier to store and supply power
  • Helps in off-grip power generation


Remember, certain renewable sources of energy like solar panels depend on sunlight. Therefore, the power they generate tends to fluctuate. With a highly efficient ESS, it eliminates the intermittent power supply.

Types of ESS Systems

Unlike thermal energy storage systems, renewable energy storage systems are mainly single batteries or battery packs. The two are batteries that charge and discharge when there is a need.

Ideally, you will classify the existing ESS according to the battery type. For instance, you may choose:

  • Lead acid-based ESS
  • Lithium-ion based ESS
  • Nickel-cadmium based ESS
  • Flow battery

Usually, the electrical storage is in chemical form. Through certain reactions, you can get electrical energy back for use.

Over the years, the electricity storage industry has evolved with new batteries available for use. Modern technology ensures efficiency, and flexibility while optimizing output.

Battery electricity storage systems play a fundamental role in the sustainable energy industry. With high-capacity batteries, homes and industries have invested in renewable energy from the sun.

You may also be interested in a battery pack or battery cluster. Battery pack is a packaging, encapsulation, and assembly process of battery production. It connects multiple single cells in parallel and series and forms a specific shape according to the customer’s requirements. Battery clusters usually consist of a collection of multiple battery packs to meet the energy needs of large-scale applications.

How Electrical Energy Storage Systems Work

The working principle of electrical energy storage depends on the electro-chemical reaction process. That is, the electrical energy from any source will be converted into chemical energy. Whenever there is a need, the energy will be converted from chemical to electrical energy.

Generally speaking, the composition of an energy storage system mainly consists of a battery system, a battery management system (BMS), an energy management system (EMS), an energy storage converter (PCS), and other electrical equipment. In the energy storage system, the battery pack feeds status information to the BMS, which shares it with the EMS and PCS; the EMS sends control information to the PCS and BMS according to the optimization and scheduling decisions, controlling the single cell/battery pack to complete charging and discharging, etc.

In most cases, a good electricity ESS consists of:

Power Conversion System (PCS)

Ideally, they convert power to the appropriate form for storage. That is:

  • AC to DC conversion– when supplying power to batteries for storage
  • DC to AC conversion – power from batteries for supply


At the heart of an electric power storage system is the battery. It stores energy in “chemical” form which is later converted into useful electrical energy.

Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS monitors the battery’s “health”. They have an intelligent microcontroller that helps in monitoring, charging, and discharging the battery whenever necessary.


Energy Management System(EMS)

The EMS collects data and signals from local devices and ensures the safe, reliable, efficient and economical operation of the energy storage system through internal control strategies.

Where to Use ESS

Energy storage systems are part of the power generation plant. Where to use the ESS will depend on specific applications.

However, over the years, renewable energy storage systems have been adopted in many applications such as:

  • Solar power generation plants
  • Wind energy generation plants
  • Hydro-power negation systems

You can install the ESS as power backups in:

  • Electric cars
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools
  • Industries
  • Homes
  • Warehouses
  • Banks, just to mention a few.

Ideally, you can have the ESS in the power generation section, transmission, and distribution section.


Even as you source to most reliable energy storage system, the brand still plays an integral part. Therefore, before any purchase, you should request a product manual to review all the possible technical specifications. As a factory specializing in the manufacture of energy storage systems, CHISAGE ESS is able to meet the customized needs of our customers, and you can contact technical engineers at any time if you have any questions.


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