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The solar-type inverters serve as a brain in the solar system. They operate together with other essential components, generating enough electricity supply. The inverters are the ones that enable the sun’s rays to be transformed into electricity, which is valuable for various area applications. Moreover, they can be electrical converters, converting the unequal direct current into alternating current outturn.

CHISAGE expertly manufactures a series of solar inverters with superior efficiencies. And that is possible with the help of our experienced engineering team, advanced technologies, and teamwork. Hence, numerous options are available, including their sizes, capacity, or model. All are eco-friendly, consuming energy without damaging the environment. 

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CEP4850-EU-80-H 48V 80A 5kW European Standard High Voltage Parallel off Grid Inverter

The off-grip inverters function independently and don’t match the grids. They instantly provide the electricity needed for appliances.

02 C&I hybrid inverter

Hybrid-type of inverter comes with PV and battery inverter. It is the upgraded inverter we offer, producing power in both ways.


The grid-tie inverters supply power to the primary system. It has the intelligence to know when or not to deliver the power. 

CE-1P(1300-2000)1G-220&230-US&EU 1300W 1600W 2000W 220V 230V American Standard European Standard Single Phase Micro Inverter

Micro inverters are suitable for solar systems, forming power for home properties. Their pieces are attached to one solar panel.

String Inverter

The string inverters are typically set up in a straightforward solar system structure. They are easy to maintain and the most affordable inverter.

Portable Solar Inverter

Portable solar inverters have a high-standard lithium battery. Their foldable solar panel can be completed in about 7 to 8 hours with 300 to 500 Watts.

How Does It Work

Solar inverters are the ideal solution, as every household needs energy from the sun. It mainly converts the power from solar panels to suitable electricity used at home. In some situations, there are solar inverters connected to the grid. And it helps prevent interruption even if panels are producing more energy.

Moreover, when the solar system generates more power than they are used, here comes the photovoltaic inverter. It delivers back the further energy into the grid. However, the inverter combines solar and grid energy if the panels cannot supply enough power for consumption.

How Does It Work
Comprehensive Functions

Comprehensive Functions

The solar-type inverter comes with various functions. Consider the following.

  • Enhancing energy output
  • Connecting with the main grids
  • Converting DC to AC power
  • Providing assessment details about power generation
  • Guaranteeing solar system’s efficient and safe operation

Solar Inverter Advantages

The advantages of solar inverter’s unique features are listed below.

  • They assist in lowering electricity consumption, which also reduces bills.
  • These solar types make it possible to provide electricity in isolated areas.
  • Suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial usage
  • It can serve as a source of electricity for all powered necessities.
  • Greater efficiency compared to diesel generators.
  • Contributes to reducing global warming.
Solar Inverter Advantages
DC and AC Electricity Differences

DC and AC Electricity Differences

In the overall function of the solar-type inverter, it is essential to know the DC &  AC variations.

The DC or direct current power comes with electric charge motion in one direction. On the other hand, in AC or alternating current, the energy flows alternately.

As the PV panels absorb the sun’s energy, the electron moves. And such electron single motion, DC electricity produces. The gained current from panels is supplied into the inverter, turning DC electricity into AC.

Ideal Areas to Install Solar Inverter
Ideal Areas to Install Solar Inverter
Ideal Areas to Install Solar Inverter

An inverter is the most capable type of solar system series. Its excellent capabilities are ideal even in these conditions. However, placing them in a protected location is essential to keep their performance and life service longer. 

They are ideal in these suggested locations. 

  • Under carport
  • Inside the garage
  • Out in direct sunlight 
How to Choose a Solar Inverter

Consider the details below to determine which solar inverter suits the capacity. 

Service Life

There are types of solar inverters that support a lasting duration. 

For example, microinverter systems have a better lifespan than string types. They have roughly ten years of extended lifespan.


Select a system with reasonably priced, high-performance components.

Although expensive, microinverter systems are reliable.

Panel’s Adaptability 

Shade patterns are essential for the inverter panel to operate efficiently.

However, string inverters are dependable in unshaded areas. In contrast, microinverter or optimizer systems are ideal for shaded areas.

Guidelines for Solar Inverters

Before installing a solar inverter, consider the local interconnection rules about net metering.

It involves abiding by the permitted maximum levels of energy use and output.

Solar Inverter Prices

A system’s size, shape, and energy capacity are the various price points for solar inverters. They are accessible, ranging from $200 to $1,400. 

However, if ordered in quantity, there is a significant price difference due to the factory’s direct pricing privilege. 

Solar Inverter Lifespan

Solar inverters can have about 20 years of service or longer if maintained properly.

Significantly longer than its expected lifespan of 15 years.

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CHISAGE takes great pride in offering our customers top-quality energy storage solutions that are both reliable and affordable. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect system for your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. Whether you're looking for a residential or commercial energy storage solution, we've got you covered.
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