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Welcome to our world of solar inverters! If you dream of converting solar energy into a reliable power supply, then you’ve come to the right place! CHISAGE ESS is a professional solar inverter provider with a senior R&D team and standardized production workshops. We have a wide range of products under our belt, mainly including:

Grid tie inverters, ranging from single-phase 0.6kW-10kW and three-phase 3kW-136kW. These grid tie inverters are characterized by high IP66 protection, high conversion efficiency, high PV input currents, low PV start-up voltages, a 5-year warranty, and Bluetooth communication.

Microinverter, CHISAGE ESS two main products are 800W and 2000W, they are one to two and one to four designs. They are lightweight and compact, with a maximum DC voltage of 60V low voltage, IP67 fully potted design, 25 years of design life, and EC62109, 61000, VDE4105 certificates.

Off-grid inverters, there are 3kW and 5kW available in the low-power segment and 8kW and 10kW available in the high-power segment. Among them, the 5kW off-grid inverter has a parallel function, which can support up to 6 units to be connected in parallel.。

hybrid inverters, including single-phase 2.5kW-10kW and three-phase 5kW-14kW. In addition to the features of common hybrid inverters on the market, they have these unique features, such as different power inverters parallel connection, less than 5ms UPS transfer time, 150% unbalanced output, Compatible with multi-brand lithium batteries, Max. 20pcs off-grid parallel connection etc.

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Single-phase 2.5kW-10kW and Three-phase 5kW-14kW Hybrid Inverter


Single-phase 0.6kW-10kW and Three-phase 3kW-136kW Grid Tie Inverter


3kW-10kW Off Grid Inverter


800W and 2000W Microinverter

What is Solar Inverter – The Complete Guide

A solar inverter is equipment with various circuit systems designed to transform DC from the solar panel to an AC that is supplied for use.

Your solar panels produce DC. However, the appliances in your house use alternating current (AC). Therefore, it is important to convert energy from solar panels into a useful form that you can use to power your appliances.

Currently, there are many solar inverter brands available in the market. For you to choose an appropriate solar power inverter, it is important to have all the critical information at hand.

Why Invest in Solar Panel Inverter

  • Converts power from the solar panels into useful AC form for supply or use
  • Can help feed excess power to the grid (selling solar energy), which can be a profitable venture
  • With a pure sine wave inverter, you can easily operate your sensitive electronics without any possible malfunctions
  • You can easily maximize using clean energy from the sun, thereby reducing energy costs significantly
  • Modern designs such as hybrid inverters allow for more flexibility in terms of power use and distribution.

Features to Look for in Solar Power Inverter

Therefore, before investing in your next solar inverter system, check if it has any of these features:

Isolating Switch

These systems have many switches that help in the current flow. At the same time, they help to either isolate the inverter from the grid or connect it to the grid.

Energy Monitoring System

You can monitor the energy solar panels produce. This helps in energy management since you can decide the amount of energy you can feed back to the grid system.

Ideally, it will help you monitor the performance of the solar panels.

Smooth Synchronization with the Grid

They can control the energy transmission from your solar systems to the grid. Also, in case there is excess solar energy production, they will feed the excess energy to the grid.

Fault Detection Capability

With an additional circuitry system, a solar power inverter can detect whenever there is a fault that may be devastating to your power systems. It can initiate the total shutdown of your system.

Wattage and Efficiency

Solar panel power inverters are rated in watts, which you can choose based on the actual needs of your household load.Of course, you must consider the rated peak efficiency which can be more than 97.7%.

How Solar Inverter Works

Solar power inverter system has many circuits that transform DC from solar panels into AC. Although there could be variations in the sequence in which this power system works, the principle remains the same.

How a solar inverter works depends on these fundamental steps:

Step 1: Once the sun’s rays reach the solar panels, they will generate energy in the form of direct current (DC). The output from the solar panels is a DC power which then flows to the power inverter system to be output as AC.

Step 2: The power inverter for solar systems has special switches such as IGBTs. These switches will switch ON/OFF DC from the solar panels. Usually, these inverters have a special controller system that controls the ON/OFF switching mechanism.

Power that leaves these switching mechanisms will have alternating characteristics hence the name – alternating current.

Step 3: Using a special circuit system, your solar panel power inverter incorporates the desired current characteristics. The controller system will regulate the switches to achieve either 50Hz or 60Hz depending on where you plan to use the solar inverter.

Again, a step-up transformer will help you achieve 120V or 240V. Furthermore, a pulse width modulator will produce a smooth waveform to power your sensitive applications.

So, by the end of the process, your solar panel power inverter will produce a smooth sine wave with suitable frequency and voltage.

Types of Solar Inverters

Although solar inverters perform virtually the same function, the classification depends on:

  • How they are connected to the solar power system
  • Technology in the inverter
  • Size and functionality

Let’s look at some common criteria

Type of Solar Panel Power Inverter Remarks
Grid-Tied Inverters · String inverters/central inverter- receive multiple outputs from different solar panels then convert to a single AC output. That is, several strings are connected to a central power inverter.

· Micro Inverters – they connect to each solar panel.

Off Grid Inverters · They are usually designed with battery pack

· These inverters are generally not used connected to the grid. They are designed to work “alone”

Hybrid Inverters · The newest technology in the solar power industry.

· These systems can convert DC from solar panels to AC which you will use for powering your accessories. At the same time, it can convert AC from the grid to DC power which you can also use to charge solar batteries.

· It offers a perfect energy backup solution for your home.

Mobile inverters · Designed for on-the-go uses since you can move around with the inverter systems. They are perfect for applications such as boats, RV, or camping.


Solar Power Inverter Efficiency

Theoretically, we believe the best solar inverter should allow for optimal efficiency. Of course, not all power solar panels generate is eventually supplied to your house. Usually, certain losses occur during the conversion process in the form of heat.

On average, the efficiency of solar power inverters should range between 97% and 99%. However, you can only trust these percentages if you buy the inverter from a reputable supplier.

Working with a reputable solar power inverter supplier will help you:

  • Choose the right size of solar energy inverter
  • Check for quality compliance and verification
  • Help you get the right accessories
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations and standards
  • Advise you on solar power inverter cost


The traditional solar power inverters convert DC from solar panels to AC which it supplies for use. However, there have been advancements in technology alloying to have on-the-go inverters and options for selling excess energy to the grid.

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