• 01 Liquid Cooling Bess
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  • 01 Liquid Cooling Bess
  • 02 Liquid Cooling Bess

Liquid Cooling Bess Battery Storage

  • 30% higher energy density than air cooling system, decrease installation area
  • Smart liquid cooling temperature control system, decrease 20% auxiliary power supply, save operation cost
  • IP67 dual firefighting and anti-explosion design
  • Centrally symmetrical layout design, liquid cooling units are mutually backup
  • Low-temperature difference to 3°C, extend battery lifetime
  • Real-time battery state monitoring, dynamic adjustment of energy management strategy

Liquid Cooling Bess Battery Storage

CHISAGE Liquid Cooling BESS is available in 3.354MWh and 6.709MWh capacities, and is mostly used in shared ESS stations, grid-side ESS, user-side ESS, mobile energy storage vehicles, and other scenarios. It is designed with IP67 double fire and explosion protection to ensure its safety and reliability. It is also designed with liquid-cooled piping, resulting in a temperature difference of less than 3℃, thus effectively extending battery life. The Liquid Cooling BESS not only provides early warning through real-time health monitoring but also performs battery condition assessment to dynamically adjust energy efficiency management strategies.

Model CESS-3354L CESS-6709L
Battery Cell LFP-280Ah
Nominal Voltage (V) 1,331.20
Operation Voltage Range (V) 1,164.8~1,497.6
Nominal Capacity (MWh) 3.354 6.709
Nominal Charge Ratio ≤0.5C
Nominal Discharge Ratio ≤0.5C
Protection Degree IP54(Battery pack IP67)
Dimension (mm) 6,058Wx2,600Hx2,896D 12,192Wx2,600Hx2,896D

03 Liquid Cooling Bess 04 Liquid Cooling Bess

certification 06 Liquid Cooling Bess

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