Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage System

A battery energy storage system (BESS) is an energy storage system that collects any renewable power energy and can release it at times of great need. It composes of extensive components to become operational.

CHISAGE is a professional provider of battery storage. Whether it is a small battery pack storage or a big container battery storage, whether for commercial use or industrial application; CHISAGE can provide those extensive battery storage solutions.

We also accept full customization of battery storage to meet your specific requirements. You can inquire us anytime!

Why Choose CHISAGE as Your Manufacturer

OEM/ODM Services
OEM/ODM Services

CHISAGE can custom construct battery packs and battery storage according to your specific demand & requirements.

Service Assistance
Service Assistance

Our professional support will provide the proper assistance on how to install, operate, and maintain your battery energy storage.

Service Assistance
High-Precision Solutions

All of the manufacturing processes are conducted through our advanced production facilities, ensuring high-precision products.

Service Assistance
Fast ROI

CHISAGE energy storage features low-cost/low maintenance and offers a long life span, which effectively returns your investments quickly.

Battery Storage Functions

The battery storage system integrates the following functions:

  1. Peak shaving
  2. Load shifting
  3. Emergency back-up
  4. Micro-grids
  5. Renewable integration
  6. Grid Services
  7. Emergency back-up
Battery Storage System

The Components Built-in a Battery Storage System

  • Batteries
  • Module
  • Rack
  • Inverter (hybrid)
  • HVAC
  • Fire Suppression
  • System Enclosure
  • Software
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Controller
  • BMS

Power Sources for Battery Storage System

*Wind energy

*Green Energy

*Solar Energy



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