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Outdoor Battery Cabinet -CE100200-B

  • Multi-level fuse protection, interlock design
  • Safe LiFePO4 battery
  • High usable energy ratio, less self-consumption
  • Without toxic heavy metals or caustic materials
  • Built-in forklift location and hoisting position make transportation and installation easier
  • Internal modular & double-door design makes maintenance easier

Your Reliable Outdoor Battery Cabinet Supplier

Chisage designed an outdoor battery cabinet to store and protect batteries used for powering electronic equipment. It is made to withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. We utilize durable materials such as metal, SS 304/316, to make the cabinet.

Our cabinets are typically used in locations where there is no access to electrical power, such as remote areas or in emergency situations. Weatherproof design allows the cabinets to last up to 10 years within severe conditions. Chisage can offer a tailored solution for your specific application.

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Why Trust Chisage Outdoor Battery Cabinet

  • Ventilation: Some cabinets may include ventilation systems to regulate temperature and prevent overheating of the batteries.
  • Security: Many outdoor battery cabinets are designed with locking mechanisms to prevent theft or unauthorized access to the batteries.
  • Remote monitoring: Some cabinets may include remote monitoring systems that allow users to monitor the battery levels and performance from a distance.
  • Battery management systems: Battery cabinets may include advanced battery management systems that help to optimize battery performance and extend their lifespan.
Why Trust Chisage Outdoor Battery Cabinet

What Material to Choose

Here are four common metal materials that may be used to construct outdoor battery cabinets:

  • Stainless Steel– It is often used in outdoor cabinets that require high levels of security and protection.
  • Aluminum– Aluminum is often used in outdoor cabinets that need to be portable or require a high degree of customization.
  • Galvanized Steel– It is a popular choice for outdoor cabinets that need to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Powder-Coated Steel– It is often used in outdoor cabinets that require a high degree of customization and protection from corrosion.

Example of Outdoor Battery Cabinet Application

These cabinets have a wide range of applications in various industries and settings. Here are a few examples:

Telecommunications: power cell phone towers, communication equipment, etc.

Renewable Energy Systems: Off-grid solar power systems, wind power systems

Emergency Response: Police and fire department vehicles, communication equipment, and disaster relief shelters.

Transportation: Can be used to power electric vehicle charging stations and electric transportation infrastructure such as bus depots and tram stations.

Industrial Equipment: Power industrial equipment and machinery in remote locations where grid power is not available.

Overall, outdoor battery cabinets are used wherever there is a need for reliable, off-grid power storage in outdoor settings.

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